4th Degree Knights nationwide are disappointed and shocked by the announcement at KofC Supreme that the regalia is being changed. The new regalia, featuring a paramilitary look, has been widely disparaged. The great majority of 4th degree knights have not purchased the new outfits, and assemblies have cancelled their participation in Masses, parades, and funeral services.


The Catholic News Agency reports that “the uniform of the Fourth Degree has changed throughout the history of the Knights, as previous versions included a top hat and a tuxedo with tails. However, it has remained relatively the same since 1940 – a plumed chapeau which can be worn with plumes of different recognized colors, a tuxedo, a cape, and a ceremonial sword. Now, however, the Knights will be leaving behind the classic uniform for a ‘modernized’ version, a blue blazer with the Fourth Degree emblem and dark gray slacks, a blue Fourth Degree tie, and a beret.”

Sales of the new regalia are very slow. Cleveland knights celebrated the final Mass with the old regalia on June 29 at St John’s Cathedral.

Regalia Farewell a.jpg
Regalia Farewell.jpg