Happy Spring, even though it snowed like crazy yesterday.  You can keep the lawn mower packed up for a little longer.  I hope you receive this AND read it quickly, we have a few time sensitive events coming up.


On Sunday, April 28th, the Chapter will be holding its annual "Nuns' & Ladies' Day Dinner" at the Garfield Hts. Council Hall.  The doors will open at 3:00 PM with dinner at 4:00 PM.  Gilmour used to bring quite a few Nuns and wives to this event, let's try to get back to that. If you have any Nuns and/or ladies that you would like to invite, let GK Shaun White know ASAP to get the reservations in.  The cost is $25.00 each for you and your lady, but the Council will pay for any Nuns.


This Wednesday, April 3rd, radio station The Rock, AM 1260, will be holding its Spring Telethon at the station. Gilmour is planning on manning the phones again this year from 5:00 to 6:00 PM.  If you are interested in helping out, meet at Gilmour hall by 4:00 PM to car pool over to the station.  It is always a lot of fun, especially if we can start a bidding war over donations.


GK White has set the date for our 121st Anniversary dinner party for Sunday, May 19, 2019.  The doors will open about 5:30 PM with dinner around 6:30.  The evening will include hors d'oeuvres, an open bar, music, dinner and dessert.  We will be announcing our surprise Knight of the Year as well as our other honorees for Clergy, Family, Youth and Blue Coat.  Invitations and pricing will be coming out soon, so please mark the date for an evening of food, fellowship and fun.


You should have received your supply of 2019 "Cash Bonanza" tickets.  The first, and MOST important, turn in is next week.  So if you have already sold your tickets, make sure you get the money and stubs to our meeting on April 9th.  If you have not sold them yet, please do so by next week.  You can still sell them until May, but the first turn in gives us the biggest rebate for OUR charitable work. 

We will also be scheduling our "Measure-Up" campaigns at our 3 parishes.  They should be around the last weekend of April or the first weekend in May.  All the money collected goes to "God's Special Children", so be sure to sign up at our meetings.


I am happy to announce we have 4 NEW members, who took their 1st & 2nd Degrees last month at Gilmour.  They include: Dominic Frisina from St. Francis; William Gilbert from St. Clare; Thomas Montagno from St. Paschal and Armand Polsinelli from St. Francis.  Be sure to welcome them all when you see them. Now we only need 9 more new brothers before June 30th for our THIRD Star Council in a row. That's only 3 per month. YOU CAN  DOOOOOOO  IT!!!!!!


As of now, we only have 3 more months to wear the traditional regalia, so show up when you can. This Friday, April 5th, we have the St. Francis confirmation with Bishop Perez. Turnout is at 6:30 PM with Mass at 7:00 PM.

Then on April 19th, we have the Good Friday procession from La Sagrada to St. Michael's, it is always a very meaningful and solemn way to spend Good Friday.

Finally on April 26th & 27th, we will have the 4th Degree exemplification at the Westlake Doubletree Hotel.  Gilmour has several members planning on advancing to the patriotic degree, so come and show your support.


We had 3 girls advance from the Regional finals and qualify for the State finals inColumbus.  They were: Melanie Drazdik, age 9, from Corpus Christi; Katie Puletti, age 13, from St. Francis and Ella Robinson, age 14, from St. Francis. Unfortunately, we have not been notified as to how they did, but we are still very proud of them for making it that far and wish them all the best in the future.


Unfortunately, the inevitable happened and 2-time PGK, Geno O. Manfredi, finally lost his battle with cancer.  He was one of our longest serving brother Sir Knights since he joined in 1949, almost 70 years. We had a great showing of brother knights and Sir Knights to pay their respects at his wake & funeral, including Bro. Jim Malatesta, who just celebrated his 100th birthday. His family appreciated all the support the knights have given Geno through his illness. 

 Another long time knight is in need of your prayers. We were notified by his son, that Bro, Tony Petrarca has taken a turn for the worse.  When he was our fraternal chairman, he made a point of going to visit anyone he could in the hospital or nursing home. Now he and his family need our prayers and support.  He is currently in Altercare, behind Governor's Village in Mayfield.  I stopped by yesterday and he and his son were very thankful.  He is still trying to do whatever he can and he was talking about his time and family in Italy, but he is very fragile. He would enjoy some visits or give his son, Mike, a call at 216-973-3878, to show support.


We have 24 Easter bunny babies this month, wish them well when you see them. They include: Rev. Joe Bacevice; Angelo Basconi (#93); Charles Caputo; Agostino DelZoppo; Mark Delsander; Dominic Demand; Mayor Anthony DiCicco, Jr.; William Gilbert (#75); Tony Grasso; Mike Gritz; John Heisler (#60); Nick Hostoffer; Domenic Immucci (#95); Carl Joyce; Rev. Stan Klasinski; Ed Kurilal Jim LaMarca; Chuck Pona; Jeff Raynor; Joe Rini; Tony Severino; Dan Shaver; Don Smith (#85) and Bob Whiting.  

Wishing everyone a Blessed Easter!

Dr. Carmen J. Centanni, PGK

News Reporter 



Notify Our Fraternal Chairman: Br. Thomas Todt (440) 779-0986


 Gilmour Council #310 March, 2019 NEWSLETTER

 Well, March is coming in like a lion, but hopefully Spring is not too far away.  Stay well and come to our meetings and events when you are able (the attendance prize is up to $110). 


We were finally able to finish up this year's "Free Throw" competition in spite of the bad weather. We were able to watch 329 kids compete in 6 age groups at our 3 parish schools. We also had 2 students, Keenan Ryans and Katie Puletti, who shot a perfect 15 for 15.  

Our 12 Council winners (and DISTRICT winners in CAPITALS) included:  

     Age   9 - LUIS BAUTISTA & MELANIE DRAZDIK both from Corpus Christi;  

     Age 10 - KEENAN RYANS & OLIVIA MINELLO both from St. Paschal;

     Age 11 - Andrew Metz & ADRIANA DE CARIS both from St. Paschal;

     Age 12 - Joshua White & ELLIE PARRY both from St. Francis;

     Age 13 - PETER KARIM from St. Paschal & KATIE PULETTI from St. Francis;

     Age 14 - Ethan Boes from St. Paschal & ELLA ROBINSON from St. Francis. 

Congratulations to all of our participants and especially to our District winners moving on to the Regionals on March 3rd.  Good Luck! 

We also want to thank all of our volunteers who spent a total of over 150 man-hours by keeping score, rebounding or organizing to keep things moving smoothly. 

They Included:

GK Shaun White; PGK George Rolfe; PGK Jim & Lady Sharon Steinhoff; PGK Carmen Centanni; PGK Bob Turocy; Tony Bailey; Sam Brancifort; Benny Capretta; Tony Caticchio; Joe Cooney; Domenic Fragomeni; Frank & Kathy Hlad; Bob Hostoffer; Tom Juratovac; Norm Klein; Tom Nemeth; John Plevelich and Tom Todt.  Thanks for all of the help and we will see you next year!.


We want to extend our deepest thanks to Bishop Roger Gries for taking from his limited time to come to our meeting on Feb. 26th to administer God's blessing and anointing with oil on about 19 of our brother knights who are in need of God's prayers & healing.  Bishop Gries has always been a strong supporter of the Knights and we wish him all the best. 

Please keep PGK Geno Manfredi in your prayers, he was too sick to attend the service, but he is in need of God's loving mercy. 


Our "Super Bowl" party on Feb. 3rd was another big success.  We had just about a full house, plenty of great food, sold out our squares & side board, too bad it wasn't a better game. Kudos to our resident chef, Bill Marvaldi, on another great menu for the 2 competing teams.  The "New England" pot roast sliders were a real hit.  If you didn't make it this year, hope to see you next year.                                              


 Due to increased family & work responsibilities, Asst. Warden Joe Kazmer, had to resign his position.  We want to thank Joe for his service and hope he is able to come around as much as possible. 

GK White announced the vacancy and scheduled nominations & elections for the following meeting. We had 2 nominations and Brother Tony Bailey was elected to fill the vacant position of Asst. Warden.  Congratulations Tony, keep up the good work.  

Regular nominations and elections will begin in May for the 2019-2020 fraternal year.


The next Chapter event is coming up on April 28th, the annual Nuns' & Ladies' Day dinner. We are not sure where it will be held yet, but if you know any Nuns or Ladies to invite, now is the time to ask them, as we will need reservations soon.

GK Shaun White is in charge of this event for the Chapter, so contact him for any more information or to make reservations.  


 We only have a few more months to use our traditional regalia before the new uniform takes over, So, break out the regalia for our 2 parish confirmations coming up at St. Clare on March 14th with Bishop Gries at 7 PM Mass and at St. Francis on April 5th with Bishop Perez also at the 7 PM Mass.  

We will also have the St. Patrick's Day parade on Sunday, March 17th with step off at 2 PM, not 1 PM as originally published.  Since it is a Sunday, IT WILL BE CROWDED!!


On March 31st, we will have our next VA Donut & coffee Sunday.  Everyone is welcome to come down and show some support for our veterans.  We set up about 8:30 AM, go to Mass at 9, and if you want to, help serve following the Mass and the Protestant service.  We are usually done by Noon.  The next one will be on June 30th. 


 We have a busy month of birthdays, 38 in all; wish them well when you see them. They include: John Amato; Riley Arnemann; Bruce Ballash; Bob Buemi; Joe Caputo (#92); Hilary Dsouza (#50); Mark Erickson; Louis Gammiere; Dennis Gibbons; Rev. Ralph Hudak; Don Iler (#90);  Steve Kandrach;  Mike Kovacina (#65);  Joe Krainz (#97);  Rev. John Lane; Don La Porta (#101); Pete LeCastre; Chuck Lentini; Mike Lowrey; John Majoros; Jim Malatesta (#100); Lou Marvaldi; John McKeon (#80);  Mike Melite; Tom Murray; PGK Ted Orel (#92); Ray Page (#98); Tony Pivonka;  John Plevelich; Tony Rupcic; Jerry Salerno (#75);  John Selvaggio;  Sam Sparaino (#94);  Tony Tranchita (#94); Dominic Trivison (#92); Tom Vitale; GK Shaun White and PGK Chuck Zicari (#90). 

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day and a blessed Lent.

Dr. Carmen Centanni, PGK, News Reporter

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Bob Ondak; John Otto; Duane Parsons (#60) and Larry Previte (#92).  Happy Birthday to all 29.

       Also, we at Gilmour Council want to extend our deepest sympathy to Rev. Fathers Joe and John McNulty on the passing of their brother James.  The funeral was held on Friday, Jan. 4th.  Keep their family in your prayers!