Gilmour Council invites all to enjoy the Super Bowl on its big HDMI projector screen in the Sherwin-Gilmour Party Center, 5947 Mayfield Road, Mayfield Heights.  Tailgating starts at 5:30PM with a variety of food and snacks.  Food, soft drinks, and coffee are included in the admission price.  A cash bar is available.  Food prep typically begins about 1PM.  Gilmour knights set up the hall (table cloths, snacks, and brochures on each table) and clean up afterward.  At the door, knights handle admissions, a 50-50 raffle, sideboards, and a 100-square pool.  In-game support activity includes stocking the soft drinks when necessary, making announcements awarding prizes, etc.  Door prizes are often awarded as well.  Time commitments are approximate:  food prep – 4 hours for 4-5 knights, door activity – 2 hours for 4 knights, food service – 5 hours for 4-5 knights (heavier 5:30-7PM then tailing off during the game), clean-up – 1 hour for 3-4 knights, obtaining door prizes from local merchants – at will during the preceding weeks.