FESTIVAL Meatball Prep

On a designated Sunday in April, St Francis' Fest Committee prepares upwards of 6,000 meatballs for its cavatelli dinners at the parish’s June festival.  Gilmour Knights will join other parishioners in using an ice cream scoop to roll 88 meatballs per tray (8 rows of 11) for cooking in the school cafeteria.  Trays are loaded into and removed from oven shelves under the supervision of a cook.  Hot trays are emptied of grease.  Cooked meatballs are cooled and loaded 50 per bag for freezing.   Prep and cooking start immediately after 8AM Mass.  The last meatballs are bagged around noon.   Some measure of cleanup will take another hour or so.

The St Clare Festival Committee does the same, usually closer to its parish festival at the end of May.  Meatballs are rolled and cooked in the Corpus Christi school gymnasium kitchen.